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May 17, 2022

Class Reunion PHS 1965

The PHS Class of 65 75th Birthday party is September 17th at Pittsfield Country Club and a Meet and Greet the night before at Tavern on the A (old GEAA Clubhouse). Invitations will be emailed, posted on Facebook page ( Pittsfield High School 1965) and on web site: PHS1965.com. New venues but hope the spirit of our previous gatherings will carry over to them and that we can appreciate the time to reflect on our PHS years and friendships made since then. Our events have always been memorable and the 50th reunion was attended by over 325 which was an all-time high. Due to Covid, we had to cancel twice and here we are in 2022 planning a 75th Birthday party.
Because of an unsettling hack on my AOL email account last month, most of my contacts received an email from me (the hacker) asking for money for a niece as I was recovering from foot surgery. Thank you to all who contacted me about the validity of it. Please note that I have a new Gmail account: jeanne65phs@gmail.com and have deactivated AOL. Please feel confident that any future emails from me are legitimate! I wouldn’t have included this in this post, but I bumped into a classmate yesterday who asked how my foot surgery went.
The committee will be meeting on Zoom and before we can give more information, we need a ballpark of number attending. Covid has made planning these events challenging and number attending is uncertain. A few months ago, I asked for a ballpark number and had more “maybes” than yes or no!
Please respond as soon as possible so we have a number to determine cost and if you plan on attending both events or just one.



Please send your updated address or email if it has recently changed.


February 2, 2018

After a wonderful 50th reunion and a fun filled ‘65ers turning 70 party at Bousquet’s it’s time to start thinking about our 55th. But let me back up for a moment. Last July before the 70th party the reunion committee got together for our annual outing at Goose Pond hosted by Bill and Maryellen Puntin. The 70th party was less than two months away, so this was the final meeting to tie up any loose ends. As we circled around tables filing our plates with diet busting goodies the usual conversations took place mainly centered around family, health and regularity issues. Anyway, there was a general feeling among the group that we were a bit burned out with planning reunion events. Most of us have been involved in multiple reunions and two birthday parties. We all left Goose Pond experiencing a bit of a “reunion hangover”, although the wine may have contributed to that!

Forward two months to the 70th birthday party. It was a beautiful Fall day and Bousquet’s was filled with a group of classmates wearing all forms of purple & white happy to once again reunite with old friends and rehash those tales from our youth. For many it was their first time attending an event since graduation. The feedback I got from several people was that this was as much fun as any reunion. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

The party seemed to rejuvenate the committee. In December we had an impromptu meeting disguised as a Christmas party for the few of us who are less fortunate and could not spend the winter in Florida. After consuming copious amounts of food and wine we agreed that planning a 55th reunion would not be a bad thing. So, there you have it. Nothing firm yet, but the date looks like it will be June 20, 2020 which just happens to fall on the 55th anniversary of our graduation, just like our 50th. The full committee will meet in the Spring once the snow birds return to roost. Keep checking back for future updates.

If you have moved, changed your email address or know of anyone who has never attended and have an address, please let Jeanne know. The missing list isn’t that long but there are some classmates who have never responded and it concerns us that we may have a wrong address and the mailings were not returned to Jeanne.



June 22, 2015

The Golden Dome Reunion was a complete success! What a wonderful weekend. Aside from a few sprinkles Saturday evening the weather cooperated and everyone had a fantastic time. From a fun Third Thursday on North Street and a beautiful evening at Bousquet’s, a Saturday night where 340 classmates and guests filled the Itam lodge and 100 came for brunch at Zucchini’s on Sunday morning. I want to thank all my fellow committee members who have worked for almost 3 years in planning and executing what is in my opinion the best reunion ever. I also want to thank everyone who attended, many for the first time, and helped make this such a memorable weekend.

I will be posting photos from the entire weekend as I get them. On Saturday night we had 2 professional photographers taking candid shots and group photos by the elementary school we attended. I will have those by the end of the week, so keep checking the site.


Below is the video I created for our Golden Dome Reunion. You can play the video directly by just clicking on the play triangle in the lower left corner. To play it full screen click on the four way arrows next to the HD symbol. If you want to download the video so you can copy it to another device just click on the VIMEO logo in the lower right corner and this will take you to the VIMEO website where you will see a download button. Note: If you want to download the video please select “original” size as it will be the highest quality to play full screen.

This video was a labor of love created for my PHS class of ’65, the greatest class ever. I hope you enjoy the video.


Golden Dome Reunion Weekend

45th Reunion Photos

45th Reunion Photos

August 7th, 2010
Berkshire Hills Country Club

  • Photos by Don & LeeAnn Davis
  • Photos by Selma Hanna
  • Photos by Denny & Laney Ducharme
  • Photos by Cheryl Peterson Ames
  • Photos by Dee Dee Domenichini
  • Photos by Jeanne Boino
  • Photos by John & Linda Carter
  • Photos by Bob & Diane McCluskey
  • Photos by Nate & Maria Zuckerman
  • Photos by John Callan
  • Photos by Karen Bonnivier


REUNION from Dennis Ducharme.

To view full screen click on the X in the lower right corner.

This 13 minute video produced by Dennis Ducharme for the PHS Class of '65 45th reunion.
REUNION is a retrospective look back at the events and times of our high school years and the city of Pittsfield as we so fondly knew it.
-I hope you enjoy this video -
Dennis Ducharme


Are you Among the Missing?

Here's a list of classmates for which we have no address at all.

UPDATED April 12, 2021

  • John Grogan
  • David Keyes
  • Susan Kirchner Davis
  • Susan Sidway Taylor

If you know the whereabouts of any of these classmates please use our message board web page and any information you send will be forwarded to Jeanne.