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The PHS Class of 65 75th Birthday party is September 17th at Pittsfield Country Club and a Meet and Greet the night before at Tavern on the A (old GEAA Clubhouse). Invitations will be emailed, posted on Facebook page ( Pittsfield High School 1965) and on web site: New venues but hope the spirit of our previous gatherings will carry over to them and that we can appreciate the time to reflect on our PHS years and friendships made since then. Our events have always been memorable and the 50th reunion was attended by over 325 which was an all-time high. Due to Covid, we had to cancel twice and here we are in 2022 planning a 75th Birthday party.
Because of an unsettling hack on my AOL email account last month, most of my contacts received an email from me (the hacker) asking for money for a niece as I was recovering from foot surgery. Thank you to all who contacted me about the validity of it. Please note that I have a new Gmail account: and have deactivated AOL. Please feel confident that any future emails from me are legitimate! I wouldn’t have included this in this post, but I bumped into a classmate yesterday who asked how my foot surgery went.
The committee will be meeting on Zoom and before we can give more information, we need a ballpark of number attending. Covid has made planning these events challenging and number attending is uncertain. A few months ago, I asked for a ballpark number and had more “maybes” than yes or no!
Please respond as soon as possible so we have a number to determine cost and if you plan on attending both events or just one.

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