Less than one month away and the 50th Golden Dome reunion will begin. Everyone on the committee is working very hard to make this one the best yet and it is requiring creative minds to do so!

Keep in mind that this an all time record attending for this class, or any other class that we know of! We have an agenda of sorts for all events but there may be some spontaneous moments that we can take advantage of.
The elementary school pictures seemed like a simple task to handle as we were sitting around a table discussing it this past winter.. In reality, it is going to be like conducting an orchestra in the ballroom.
The list is now broken down by schools and gathering everyone will be quite an undertaking..There are 19 schools and Hibbard, Dawes and Pomeroy each have over 20.Still working on the logistics of doing this!! I will have the school list on me and if I see that we can get a school group together at Bousquets or the tour, please jump in and smile!
It is very important to check the web site often as the shuttle, designated parking lot and other parking areas will be finalized very soon.
And ladies, don’t forget to wear some fancy hats!!

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