Sue Peck Barnes

This is my first time posting on our website. I feel the need to get some relief from my anxiety from the events of yesterday at the Capitol. I realized at some point I haven’t felt such dissolution since the day we were all in high school and President Kennedy was assassinated. I often think how different the world might be if he had been leader of our democracy longer. Now I think how different the country would be without a Donald Thump supposedly in charge. BUT, then again I pray that all these events happened so that we all take stock of ourselves and work TOGETHER to bring about the changes we seek. Please pray for our new administration whether you voted them in or not. With the pandemic and economical challenges ahead everyone needs to support them to rebuild our Country. For the last four years I was appalled at the “make America great again” slogan. America was, is, and always will be great! I recently put up an American flag outside my porch, and I find myself saying the Pledge of Allegiance when I sit on my porch. Please do something patriotic in the days ahead and stay safe till we meet again, Cheers,Sue

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